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Thursday, April 16, 2015

::Explore Houston:: Hiking Trails

Last year we took a couple of  road trips with the kids, we have grown to love these. The adventures are endless and the memories, forever priceless. One of our trips was a camping trip to Gardner State Park and the other was a weekend in San Antonio.

On these adventures we discovered, that my kids loved the outdoors, maps { cause it reminds them of Dora, GRACIAS DORA!} and trails! My Husband and I in an effort to keep this alive and thriving decided that we would find local Houston parks and trails to explore.

A couple of months ago the weather was amazing, nothing like this week where the rain just won't leave us alone. In those gorgeous days we ventured out. Today, I will show you a little  from our first Houston trail adventure as well as, share a little information about the park. If you are local or visiting, I highly suggest exploring the nature in our city, it's amazing ya'll.

The peace and family bonding it great too. 

The park is so BIG, it will take you at least 2-3 hours to explore it very well. We took a 4 hour hike that day, the kids slept all the way home. It has trails and interesting areas that will make you forget you live near the city. The park trails do cross under the freeway and intersect with high volume streets, but trust me, you will not even notice it. We went out on a Saturday afternoon. The bikers were in full gear so just stay clear of them and beware of there warnings "ON THE LEFT". Is their usual sign of, here I come, MOVE

While you learn the park lingo, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

We parked at Memorial near Eldridge. And, on this afternoon we had a small picnic when we reached the reservoir at I10 & Eldridge. So, the walk is about 20 minutes out, we then climbed up the edge of the reservoir and collected rocks. Then back down to the trails and into the park area with the playground. Where my daughter randomly yelled out a cuss word and we decided it was time to go. Have I mentioned I have wild children? I do. You would think they grew up on a farm with no humans. 

Usually randomness completes our adventures. The park is filled with great picture op areas, as a Momma who always carries a camera this is an amazing place! 

I highly recommend Terry Hersey, you can explore it and find a new spot every time.  It might take hours, maybe even days, to complete it's trails. We have been back a couple of times since, for pictures and picnics.

You can follow our adventures daily on Instagram. 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

::What I Wore Wednesday:: Momma Style

If you know me then you know; number one..I am not a fancy person. And, number dos {2}, I have become very frugal and rarely like to "splurge" on myself. A couple of months ago, I was given a NYC credit card ::insert gasps here:: Since then, I have gotten a few necessary pieces here and there. 

As needed. 

New York and Company is one of my favorite stores. 

Another favorite store of mine is Target. And, as Taraji mentioned, she too wears Target she just blings it up. I am usually not super "blinged" out but I do love accessories, it's probably the girliest I am. I also love the color black and then dressing it up. I had an important lunch to go to that day {you can read about it here}.  That day I started off with an all black outfit and decided to add some accessories. 

Here is what I had on, it was simple I liked it but I knew something was missing. {Follow me on Instagram

I quickly found myself at the mall before my lunch that day, a rare occurrence for this Momma, and ended up buying the following:

A purse, silver necklace and shimmery stockings from New York and Company.

Winged Faux-Leather Tote Bag- It's such a great size. I placed my camera, wallet and phone in it. It was perfect for a carrying bag that afternoon. 

Silver necklace- They have so many great items in the store! They are usually on sale and you can buy one and get one half off. I love their jewelry. I own a lot of it. 

Shimmery Stockings {Medium Heather Grey}- I usually wear black stockings but this day I wanted to add some shine to my outfit. I was walking to the register and I found the best very light shimmer stockings, on sale! 

I then scooted over to Target, of course. There I found the PERFECT pair of glossy black pumps. Also, very inexpensive. Perfect height for work and outings. The Merona Melanie Heels.  

Final outfit looked a little like this:

Do you want to show off your favorite outfit and Momma finds? Send them my way and I will add you to our next What I Wore Wednesday feature! { email me at: }

Monday, April 13, 2015

::Monday Morning Love:: #motivationalmonday

Monday's are difficult. No doubt. But, unlike most, I don't like to worry myself right back into my bed about it. I embrace Monday's. And, any day for that matter. As a Working Momma with a busy Hubby and Dos, very unstoppable, Toddlers; I remain positive about it all. I have to. 

Here are ::Three:: things I do to make my Monday transition much easier:

How do you keep positive on Monday's? 

{Picture found on Facebook}

Friday, April 10, 2015

::Mujeres Legendarias~Houston Event:: #FordEnEspanol #MujeresLegendarias

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is a compensated post. I received a special invitation to the Ford Mujeres Legendarias Luncheon, in collaboration with Lopez Marketing Group. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest.}

There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting new people and connecting with them. I like to think that I am a fairly versatile person and am constantly reaching out to all community leaders regardless of race. But, there is always something very special and different about being in a room filled with other Latinos. Especially a room filled with other Latina Women who are making a difference in my very own community. As I am sure others feel the same about their own community. 

Last year I started a series where I asked a question about Latina {Women} Empowerment. The response was wonderful, you can see that post ::HERE:: This week, thanks to Ford en Español, I want to discuss what we can do to create actions.  Ford invited me to attend their Mujeres Legendarias Luncheon where four Professional Latina Women were honored for their innovative contributions to the Houston Hispanic community. Their passions were evident through their introduction stories. They are hard working, intelligent women who are paving the way for other Latinas in Houston seeking to do more through their work.   

Who are we as Latina women in Houston? Guest Speaker, Martha Kattan, Regional News Director of Univision stated that we are virtuous women. We work hard and continuously try to be a part of our community. We aspire to be great. We work over 8 hours a day. We are business women. Who are Fearless. Organized. Always planning for whats to come. Always looking towards the future. We provide words of wisdom to those in need. "As women we need to be lifted not only as mothers and wives but as faith seekers and brave business women."; she stated. We are encouragers filled with courage. Filled with challenges but never bowing down to them. 

"Latinos in our community are writing their own destinies."
                                                                         ~Martha Kattan of Univision 

I agree when she stated that we should  try not to substitute men in the work place but instead we should be compliments to them and try to work hard alongside them. She then quoted her Abuela, a wise lady for sure, saying to remember to be "Sumisas pero no sus Mensas". Being confident, assertive, smart and positive, uplifting role models.  She also stated that "we have our priorities in order; God, Family & Work." Some how we have succeeded at finding a balance and making it all work. 

It was a wonderful event that honored Houston women who are each legendary in their own way!

Action. It creates motion that we can see and be a part of. In everything that I have done, or continue to do; I always ask myself- “What are we doing as a community to build our strength and empower those around us?”  

::More about Ford Mujeres Legendarias::

Information provided by Lopez Marketing Group. 

Ford reconoce los logros de las mujeres Latinas con su campaña Mujeres Legendarias de Ford.

Ford Motor Company tiene una larga historia de reconocer los logros de las mujeres en nuestra sociedad. Aunque la mayoría de la gente la conoce como la esposa de Henry Ford, Clara Bryant Ford fue una filántropa y líder de la comunidad en su derecho propio y una figura clave en el largo historial de las mujeres influyentes.

Por tercer año, durante el mes Nacional de la Historia de la Mujer, el fabricante de automóviles celebrará Mujeres Legendarias de Ford, una iniciativa con el fin de honrar a las mujeres Hispanas que, como Clara Bryant Ford, personifican los cuatro pilares de la marca Ford: inteligencia, eficiencia, ecológico y seguridad.

Las mujeres homenajeadas representan a las 22 millones de Latinas excepcionales en los EE.UU. que están haciendo una diferencia en el lugar de trabajo, sus hogares, el medio ambiente y la comunidad.

Inteligente (Smart): empresarias, ejecutivas, dueñas de pequeños negocios o directoras de organizaciones sin fines de lucro:
·         Suzanne Batlle (Miami)
·         Carolina Valenti Pinto (New York)
·         Liliana Perez-Nordtvedt (Dallas)
·         Rita Farias (Houston)
·         Madeline Salazar (Los Angeles)
Eficiente (Quality): una modelo de conducta para su familia y la comunidad, que alienta a otros padres en persona o en línea con sus experiencias y conocimientos.
·         Lina Acosta (Miami)
·         Alicia Gibbs (Nueva York)
·         María García (Dallas)
·         Rosanna Gomez Moreno (Houston)
·         Teresa Garza (Los Angeles)
Verde (Green): establece un cambio positivo con relación a los problemas ambientales y trabaja para educar y proteger al público de los peligros ambientales.
·         Irela M. Bagué (Miami)
·         Xiomara Taveras Henríquez (Nueva York)
·         Arcilia C. Acosta (Dallas)
·         Patricia Lugo (Houston)
·         Olivia E. Rios (Los Angeles)
Seguro (Safe): influencia la política pública en temas sociales, económicos y culturales. Organiza grupos en torno a una causa y trabaja para implementar los cambios que tienen efectos positivos y duraderos.
·         Giselle Delgado (Miami)
·         Ximena Hidalgo Ayala (Nueva York)
·         Cynthia Izaguirre (Dallas)
·         Grace Olivares (Houston)
·         Griselda H. Reyes (Los Angeles)
Para ver la galería de fotos y leer todas las biografías de las Mujeres Legendarias de Ford, visite

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

::Wordless Wednesday Kinda:: Houston Zoo Edition

We had our first 2015 visit to the Houston Zoo. It was a bit crazy and not as well thought out as we would have wanted but guess what, we bought a membership! Hopefully our next visit will be more organized. In all we had a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed it so much and we will be obviously doing it all over again in a month  or so...only because a new exhibit opens then. 

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Arrive early, most of the feedings happen by 10 a.m. Plus I hear the animals are more active. 
  2. Pack and bring your own food. While there are many options we found it so much easier to snack and move forward since we packed our lunches and snacks. 
  3. Plan your visit. If you have not been before, it can be a lot to tackle in one day. Our kids were super eager so we were a bit all over the place. 
  4. Bring a wagon or stroller. Very handy. 
  5. Bring bathing suits and towels. There is a splash pad. We didn't get to do it this visit. 
  6. Explore parking options. We parked in one of the medical buildings. I think we could have done better. 
  7. Eat breakfast; I think if we would have eaten breakfast before we arrived at the zoo it would have been better. We ate while we were there and the kids were so eager to move on. It was a bit rushed. 
  8. Pace yourself & take breaks. It will take you most of the day to get around, take pictures and explore. So take your time, rest and then enjoy... 
  9. Carry plenty of water. It's just so important. 
  10. Consider a membership, we usually travel with my parents, Sister and nephew, so it was a great option. much cheaper, and with great benefits. 
Now... ENJOY our mini-picture recap! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

::Houston Mom Expo::

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is not a compensated post. I received complimentary pass for myself & my readers in collaboration with The Houston Mom Expo. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest. }

As a local Momma I am constantly seeking events where I can network,meet amazing new people, learn and explore Houston a little more. Having the best support system and great resources is very important for every Momma. Which is why I am happy to be helping spread the word about this years Mom Expo! Will you join us for great information and resources and I am sure a fun-filled day?  

The Houston Mom Expo is a family friendly, Momma lead event.  You will not want to miss it, join us in the fun and tell your friends about it! Visit the site for all the details and if you come by on Saturday we might even run into each other, see you there.... 

                                                             April 17-18, 2015
Friday 10-3 and Saturday 10-4

Located at the Berry Center 8877 Barker Cypress - Cypress, TX  77433

Attend the Mom EXPO $5 per person admission ages 12+; Kids are FREE!
Tickets available at the door.

Check out the show schedule for TWO days filled with vendors and forums that fit every Momma's needs.

The show has some great pre-show promotions and sponsors! They are even hosting a Box Top Challenge that you can join:

For a full list visit the website today:



Learn more about the creator: 

About Your Host

I had the pleasurable and unique experience of forming a mommy group, where I was so fortunate to share my experiences with other women through both online and off-line interactions. This group was very near and dear to my heart for the four years I ran it as the founder and organizer, while my first child was very small, and until my second daughter was about a year old, where I felt deeply connected to its foundation because of my passion for continuing my bond with fellow moms.  I was able to devote additional quality time for my children as well as build on my own social interaction as a new mommy.  I was already running my own business from home, a boutique media consulting group, when my mompreneur abilities nurtured a newly founded mommy marketing division, Mommy Gateway.  My personal life started to blend with my professional background, and I soon developed the Mom EXPO, where I simply placed my own needs and experiences about being a mom right out there on the trade show floor.  I love what I do! I pair moms with their needs, and businesses who target moms, with theirs.   It's a very satisfying role in my journey.  The Mom EXPO has grown to a national tour, and has also spun off Mom 2 CEO:  The Work-At-Home Mom Conference.

The reason for coordinating this EXPO, is because as a mommy group organizer, I've been inspired by our moms who ask questions about their journey of motherhood and look upon other moms for advise and comfort when they don't know if what they're doing is right. Some are more confident than others, but most of us first time moms experience uncertainty in our abilities as a new parent, and sometimes just need reassurance and seek compassion during times of doubt. This is also why I chose the theme of our first year event to be "Positive Affirmations of A Mother's Journey". Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that what we do is important, and we do matter every day as we raise our children.

Mom EXPO will come together to "Celebrate A Mother's Journey" for many years to come.  

Lori Carrese
Mom EXPO Event Coordinator
Principal, Mommy Gateway

Friday, April 3, 2015

::FLASH:: Friday #canon

I started practicing my photography skills. Mostly because I am obsessed with pretty pictures. I love seeing photographers' work and often wonder, could I ever have that kind of unique vision? 
So, I started seeking it. 

Usually when I set my mind on something, I get it done. There is not much that can stop me from an end product that I love and want to share. I try really hard. I might not be the best but I do love everything I do. 

Here is what I have come up with. 

::March Momma of Dos Photography::


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