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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{Garner State Park} ::Weekend Snapshots:: Part 1

This past weekend we had our first family camping trip with the kids! We made the long car trip to Garner State Park. After numerous potty breaks, food stops and of course our must, Bucee's stops we made it to the peaceful park in Concan,Texas.  {More pictures from our road-trip on my Instagram @mommaofdos

My Husband and I love camping and traveling but when the kids were younger we  I  always feared that traveling and the outdoors may not be very age appropriate. So, we waited, until now. I am so glad we did. To be able to build the anticipation of a trip like this and be able to hear my children voice their excitement and experiences as well as ask a million and one times, are we there yet?! Was definitely worth the wait! 

We did everything they wanted to do. We set up a tent, we ate s'mores, hiked and swam in the Rio Frio! It was so much fun and family friendly. One of my favorite moments was hiking up the big flat hill which my children claimed was a mountain filled with Dinosaur remains and treasure. Both of which they found.  

It was amazing. The determination was real and my kids loved it. It wasn't easy but we made it to the top and enjoyed our mini-vacation to the max. 

To be continued..... 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Danny Medrano's Story #KindeyTransplants

One of my biggest dreams as a child was to be a physician, slowly I have realized that not becoming a physician shouldn't stop me from doing what I wanted to accomplish as a doctor which was to help others in any way possible. My passion and purpose is to use my resources and determination to help others! I try every day. Because of this I tend to open up to new people and in return people often seek my help…  If I can, I NEVER mind helping. Today, I want us all to PLEASE help Danny…here is his story as told by his Wife, Suelen Medrano:

Danny & I met in high-school we both went to Sam Houston High School, both had a Biology class together and that's where our love story begins.

First we became friends, then we talked on the phone, and kept seeing each other and so on. We both graduated in June of 2001, several months later on August 23rd he took me to our little "raspa" hangout called "Rainbow" and he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

On October 15th, 2006 he proposed, he took me to the same place where he had asked me to be his girlfriend 5 years earlier. 

In 2012, Daniel, was admitted in the hospital for (ARDS) Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, in critical condition and with no chance of survival, only given 20% of survival, to the point where it caused his kidneys to fail. Few days of dialysis needed to be performed. Waited more days for more changes until 3 weeks later he finally pulled through and woke up. 

Once released he was transferred to another facility in Tomball for physical therapy. He completed his one month treatment, he went home but a week later he started having issues with his vision, surgery after surgery and procedures, Danny's left eye was saved but his right eye did not heal the way the left eye did. It was really rough to accept this. 

So, we continued with our lives, just when we thought it was all over and left in the past, once again January 2014 it happened again never imagined it would change our lives forever. 

Danny was admitted to St. Lukes Hospital for an infection on his foot. At first, his doctor's stated that he would be getting out within a few days. However, that was not the case as the infection spread to his leg and caused renal failure again due to the strong antibiotic given (made it worse) and the fact that he's diabetic didn't help either. He started having breathing problems, had to be on oxygen all this was caused because he was retaining fluid. The infection on his foot thank GOD did not spread to the bone, he had a minor surgery on his foot, it went well, was told by Dr. Wang (Danny's primary physician) that it would be a slow process to heal. Days passed, running test and more tests. Dr. Wang came to see Danny  and asked if he knew what his kidney function stage was, he answered with "not sure", but they aren't working 100%. 

On January 28th, Danny started dialysis, we were told it would only be temporary but it didn't happened like that. Since then we have been searching and trying remedies for his kidneys to come back but nothing is working. We were then told it would be best to consider a kidney transplant but warned us that there will be a lot that needs to be done. 

So, we scheduled Danny's first appointment for April 3rd at the location where Danny will have to do numerous of tests to make sure he's a good candidate. God willing Danny passes everything, the next step will be to meet with the entire transplant team, then we will be added on to the waiting list, normally it could take up to 4 years. Thankfully, we have a few family members and friends that are willing to get tested to see if they are a match/donor. Dr. Roy explained that this would be best and once he receives a new kidney, Danny will be able to live a normal life, no more dialysis. 

All I want is for Danny's health to be restored. Danny has had so many set backs but we are determined and have faith that Danny's dream will come true. 

New Kidney Transplant here we come!!!!!!


::Supporting the Cause::

Fighting Kidney Disease. Because, I want to my husbands life to be restored and to be able to live a normal life, no more dialysis. 

Suelen Medrano

Please contact Kidney Transplant Donor Coordinator: 
Valerie Jackson 
Direct number is: 713-441-5495
Methodist Transplant Center
Be a HERO! Make a difference! 
How can you help? You can help by donating money to help pay medical expenses and other medical supplies needed for Danny. And, by helping us find a live/diseased kidney donor for Danny soon. 

PLEASE register to be an organ donors. I myself registered earlier this year, unfortunately many people don't realize that organ and tissue donation is important. One organ and tissue donor can save the lives of up to 10 people and significantly improve the lives of many more. I wish I could spread the word all over the world to help others who are going through the same situation as us. I would give anything to find the perfect donor to prevent all of this dealing with dialysis, because  is not fun. 

Everyone needs to PLEASE be educated about this. 

What if it was you needing a kidney transplant, or heart transplant what would you do? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

::El Pollo Loco:: Houston Grand Opening

::Momma of Dos:: {This is not a compensated post. We were invited to attend the Sugarland Grand Opening of El Pollo Loco. All statements are my own and honest opinion.}

When I think about family dinners, or gatherings; I think about great company, fun nights and of course delicious food! 

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of the new El Pollo Loco, or as my Hubby calls it... el "Chi-ken Cra-zi". We traveled to what for us was the other side of the world to the beautiful City of Sugarland but it was worth it. 

We experienced wonderful company, good music and yes, delicious and fresh comida!! We also learned a little about how the restaurant is operated and how they manage to create such fresh food everyday. Let me tell you, it's some hard work but the awesome staff of El Pollo Loco in Sugarland led by Tara Beam do a great job and were so friendly. 

After experiencing the great food we hung out and enjoyed the fun night!

And, I am not sure if I was the only one that noticed but the staff has the best shirts with great sayings,  We're "Guaca-holics!" I want one!

For more on El Pollo Loco and some of the other new locations coming to Houston please visit:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Crafty Chica in Houston! #craftychicatour #latinapower

{::Momma of Dos:: This is not a compensated post. I RSVP'd to meet Kathy Cano-Murillo at the private Houston meet and greet for her Crafty Chica Tour hosted by Juan of Words. All opinions and statements below are my true and honest experiences.}

A couple of weeks ago I was able to meet and chat with well known Latina Artist, Entrepreneur, Blogger, & Author Kathy Cano-Murillo.  As she was in Houston promoting her Craft Chica product line in Michael's stores. Sitting with her that night really set my brain on fire in a very motivating way. Her wit and sense of humor are so contagious. It was like sitting with an old friend who I just hadn't seen in years. 

What she doesn't know is that I have been staulking  following her for years now, years. So, as I contained my Blogger-Star-Struck-ness ::real word:: I took in all of her advice and positive spirits. She really sets off a vibe of empowerment and true sense of community. All of which I look for in those women whom I consider great Latina role models. She inspired me right out of bed at 1:27 a.m. last night as these words just came to me!

One of the biggest things I am recently struggling with is focus and organization. As a writer it's hard to lose these things and continue to be successful. Thankfully, our conversation that night with Kathy lead to an awesome mentor session. The 3 most important tips that I took away  from that night about maintaining focus and being organized were as follows:

1.:: Make Lists :: Kathy said that she is a list maker. She creates lists with her ideas and projects she wants to accomplish. She loves notebooks and pens. {A woman after my own heart.} But,the real organization comes in when she categorizes those lists from easy to difficult. You then work your way from those goals/ideas/projects that are easy to accomplish to those that may take a little more time or you might have to brainstorm a little longer about. Makes sense. 

2. ::Prioritize::  She then said that she takes her lists and selects 2 things from that list and gives them a deadline. She then turns on her "laser beam" focus and completes those 2 tasks close to or by her deadline and then...continues down through her lists. Kathy stated; "turn on your laser beam focus and that {idea/project} will light on fire!" That's the type of focus I want in  my life and for my projects the kind that will ignite the flame and set it all off! Loved it. 

3. ::Be Prepared:: Finally, she stated "Always be prepared for an opportunity, never wait for it." Sounds easy and simple enough. And, true. Why wait for the opportunity to come up for you to start working on your projects or ideas? Simply be ready for it when it does comes. Prepare, stock-up and create so that you are not be caught off guard.    

Kathy is a business savvy, genuinely creative and fearless Latina who is so down-to-earth and real! Most importantly she is not afraid to laugh at herself, which is just amazing! That night we laughed so much, she inspired me and in her presence I had that sense of Latina Empowerment that I want to be a part of. She used the word Latina Power and it just made me reflect on what that really means. 

To me Latina Power is about supporting one another when you are truly trying to build up a strong Latina community and there is no room for egos or jealousy, simply genuine engagement to create a strong and lasting presence.  

Focus on your dreams and anything is possible.~Momma of Dos 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

::Friday Photo-Challenge::#HoustonLatinas #DSAwareness2014

I know I have been away a bit but have been working on some really 
great projects with our local groups!!! 

Hope you will join in the fun!!! 

Our local group the Houston Latina Bloggers and I want to help spread the word about Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!! 

Please help us and post your pictures on all your Social Media sites but 
PLEASE don't forget to use our hashtags!!!!  

#HoustonLatinas #DSAwareness2014

For more information visit:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

::Wordless Wednesday:: #mommaofdos

How do we spend our weekends you may ask?

Oh you know.. 

 on the sidelines... 

And, following the road to where ever it may take us.....

Saturday, October 4, 2014

::Blog Elevated 2014:: #MoodGardens

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. All statements expressed are my own and honest opinion.}

Do you have that group of friends that you never get to see, cause of you happening!? But, when you do get to see them you pick up right where you left off and then create some awesome new memories. Well, that's what most of my blog friends are like. Sometimes we really don't get to see one another in person. Other than following our awesome blogging journey's online, we really just get caught up in everyday ordinary life that it makes it a little difficult to meet up.

But, thank goodness for local blog conferences. This year was the 2nd annual Blog Elevated conference. Here are a few reasons why this is one of my favorite conferences so far:

Location, Location, Location. Not many blogger conferences are held locally so I love that I don't have to worry about leaving town for too long and being away from my little family as I would for any other conference. I also work FT outside the home and being able to maybe take 1/2 a day off work or only miss one day of work is a plus for me! It also eliminates jet lag and tired travels. 

Karen of We are the Carrascos

Local Bloggers.  Houston is a giant melting pot so it's not rare that at a local conference you would find well local bloggers from all walks of life. Many that you can simply become friends with and relate to!  Making new connections and meeting interesting new people is part of what my journey is all about.  And, when it's all said and done the best part is most that bloggers live in the Houston area and are easy to reach out to! 

Bloggy Besties!! I have made so many amazing friends along the way in this journey of mine. Some of those friendships, like my good friend Ari of 3TwentySix, started at another conference which was also held here in Houston! Her friendship, support and understanding have been amazing. The growing friendships and love is immense. And, knowing that you have other bloggers in your hometown to provide a great sense of community and support is what I love about local conferences.  

Reasons why I love attending conferences like Blog Elevated:

Speakers: Most of my inspiration and motivation for my blog and, a lot of what I do, comes from listening to others speak about their stories of triumphs and failures. We learn from both. This year like last year's BE didn't fail in having some pretty amazing people in their panels and sessions. 

Picture: Blog Elevated Facebook Page 
Breakout Sessions: The best most absolute way to continue to learn and grow in the blogging business is by attending the amazingly detailed breakout sessions {or workshops} at BE. This year, in preparation for 2015, I attended "From First Word to First Dollar: A Blogger's Guide to eBooks". Given by the writers of "Pinch of Yum". The information was precise and very informative! 

Venues & Food: If you know me and my little Mexican heart you know that the way into my life is with good food and amazing scenery! I am also a person of details. I love that this year's conference was in Galveston. It was so relaxed and whimsical with the venue being at Moody Gardens. Everything was so colorful, cheerful and bright. I loved that! 

In picture: Alba of Independent Mami 

Now tell me, will you be at next year's conference? 

Sign up for Blog Elevated newsletters and follow all of the great recaps!!! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

::Friday Letters:: ....with a little rant... kinda..sorta

Dear Friday, 

Do you know that it's October 3rd? Let me say that again. OCTOBER 3rd, where in the heck did the last 9 months go?!?!?!? No really, this is a joke right. OCTOBER. Only 3 months for 2015 to be here? I am not ready for this. 

Emotionally Freaking Out!

Dear Friday, 

I am beat. No really like to the ground. I need to find time, organization and did I mention time? Maybe finding my mind and some sanity would be good too. Our little family is so busy, every week that my time just never seems to be enough. Note to self: taking things off my plate should not be followed by adding bigger more difficult things to my life! Ahii. 

Thanks for not having my back Friday! You owe me some major amount of margaritas! 

Dear Friday, 

Ignore my rants the lack of sleep is causing a total meltdown and I am really OK, I just need a nap. NO really, I am fine. ::hi, my name is Connie and sleep is for weak.:: 


Dear Life,

Thank you for the last 9 months, you have no idea the amount of people of I have invested in who in return have inspired and motivated me to this very place and moment. I think that I have propelled into a very good place and I am happy. I am blessed. A little tired and out of my mind but in a good place to start over and begin the bigger journey. My true purpose. To follow my passion and see my goals through. 

Thankfully yours, 
This Momma

Dear Life, 

Have I thanked you for my little family yet? I do this Monday thru Thursday and the weekends too. And, yes, my kids are a lot nutty but they are the cutest little brown people I have ever met. My son has perfected his Mexican grito every time a corrido, tejano song or ranchera comes on the radio, it's amazing really. Camila will cuss randomly but is such an angel and can recite her Bible School versus perfectly. :: Please don't judge she is 3 1/2 and learning:: My kids are human and our lives are real. We are not perfect and we do make mistakes and are learning everyday..but that doesn't mean that I will ever force my family to be something we are not. We do have faults and we also have hopes and faith. I do believe in creating respectful and responsible law abiding citizens in our home but I don't believe in being fake or being what others think we should be. So, my children are who they are... and every day that is acceptable to me. 

Thank you for teaching me everyday a new lesson in life, 
Momma of Dos 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

::Wordless Wednesday:: Kinda Sorta...

This week has already been exhausting. But, these Dos make my days go by real fast.... The weekend can't come fast enough... 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

::The BoxTrolls:: September 26th #losboxtrolls #ad

{::Momma of Dos:: This is not a compensated post. Informational Only.}

The days here in Houston have been rainy so today we have a post that will help you deal with rainy day blues!

It will also get your kids ready to watch the new sure to be hit movie, The BoxTrolls! My son is so excited for this movie, he watches the clips every time he can on YouTube!!!

This month is his birthday month so we promised to take him next week when it comes out, he is looking forward to it!! So, when I printed these fun activity sheets out he was eager to work on them. You too can download fun new posters, activity sheets and watch clips of the upcoming movie by visiting:

::Information provided by ::

THE BOXTROLLS, the family event movie from the creators of “Coraline” and “ParaNorman”, has debuted a behind the scenes look at the magic behind the creation of THE BOXTROLLS! THE BOXTROLLS, in theaters on September 26th,  tells the story of a community of quirky, mischievous creatures who have lovingly raised an orphaned human boy, Eggs. THE BOXTROLLS features the voices of Elle Fanning, Ben Kingsley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Tracy Morgan.

“Nature of Creation” Featurette —

THE BOXTROLLS releases in theaters on September 26!

A family event movie from the creators of “Coraline” and “ParaNorman” that introduces audiences to a new breed of family – The Boxtrolls, a community of quirky, mischievous creatures who have lovingly raised an orphaned human boy named Eggs (voiced by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) in the amazing cavernous home they’ve built beneath the streets of Cheesebridge. When the town’s villain, Archibald Snatcher (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley), comes up with a plot to get rid of the Boxtrolls, Eggs decides to venture above ground, “into the light,” where he meets and teams up with fabulously feisty Winnie (Elle Fanning). Together, they devise a daring plan to save Eggs’ family.

Un evento cinematográfico para toda la familia de los creadores de “Coraline” y “ParaNorman”, que le presenta a las audiencias a un nuevo tipo de familia: los Boxtrolls, una comunidad de criaturas estrafalarias y traviesas que han criado con amor a un niño humano huérfano llamado Eggs (con la voz de Isaac Hempstead-Wright) en la asombrosa casa cavernosa que han construido debajo de las calles de Cheesebridge. Cuando el villano del pueblo, Archibald Snatcher (el ganador del Premio de la Academia Ben Kingsley), propone un plan para eliminar a losBoxtrolls, Eggs decide aventurarse a la superficie, “para encontrar la luz”, y allí conoce y se hace amigo de la fabulosamente enérgica Winnie (Elle Fanning). Juntos, conciben un osado plan para salvar a la familia de Eggs.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stay Healthy and Be Fit #MolinaHealthcare #ad #client

::Momma Disclosure:: { The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with GigaSavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.  I am  also not a healthcare professional, the statements below are simply from experience and may not work for everyone, some people may require a medical doctors opinion before beginning a new fitness regimen. }

It happens to the best of us! 

We get on a health binge and then slowly start to fall off the wagon. It's normal, we have busy lives filled with work, children, bosses, and well everyday life situations. As a Momma it's never easy to stick to one routine or a routine at all. Most my days no matter how organized and scheduled I want to be are thrown off with just about anything. 

In the last few months, sadly, I am one of those people that not only fell of the wagon but jumped off and ran! I know. Shame. Thankfully, I have learned the ways to get back to on track and help me fight the lazies I have been feeling lately. 

It's so important to have the support of your family, so if you are married and/or have kids make sure you announce it to them. That you will be starting a new health routine and you want everyone to help and stick to it. It helps to know you are not alone. 

 1. Create a weekly meal plan; there are so many websites out there with great everyday easy meals, Molina Healthcare provides great expert advice and tips for eating healthy and staying fit. It's a great quick reference. I then make my shopping lists based on the ideas that I find. And, then plan out my weekly meals. It helps SO much! 

2. Have plenty of healthy snacks; One of the things that I know about myself is that if I don't bring good healthy snacks I will turn to the vending machine. We have another snack room but the food there is so expensive. So, I buy things like cheese sticks, yogurt, and fruits like bananas or apples. It is a sure way for me to stay away from junk food or spending too much on expensive snacks that I can buy for cheaper at the grocery store. A great place for ideas is Molina Healthcare .

3. Drink a lot of water; A lot! It helps you feel full and is so good for detox! I hear so many different recommendations. Drinking half your weight or a gallon a day or 8 glasses a day, or twice that amount if you are super active. I do as much as I can and I set a goal for myself. 4 bottles in an 8 hour work day and 2 after work. Something simple I know I will be able to keep up with. 

4. Workout for at least 30 minutes a day; Hard I know. But, start slow. When I have to get back in shape I start with a 30 minute walk. Again I give myself a goal, small one, and go from there. I for example calculate that 30 minutes is a few blocks down from my house and a lap around the trail and back home. I then build on that or start thinking of it in mileage. I was up to 5 miles a or more a day. A great way to keep track of this and be motivated is by using a step-counter. There are so many. I used a simple $20.00 one from the nearest grocery store.  Unitl I threw it in the washer one too many times.  Start small and go big! 

5. Keep a photo journal for motivation; YES, PHOTOS. I take them with my cell phone and then refer to them when I want to see progress or in my case now, when I want to get back on track. What you look like impacts how you feel. I know that if I think I look good in pictures, I feel amazing. Trust me, it's hard. I don't want to look at most my pictures but when I do it helps me be reminded of where I started and how far I have gone. 

6. Create a support group; In my case I created a small FB group where I added ladies who were also trying to be healthy and stay fit. It has REALLY helped, those ladies are amazing. Most of them are Momma's themselves and they have the best advice and supportive words! We are in it together and it makes me feel like I am not alone in this journey and like I can ask for motivation when needed. It doesn't have to be on FB it can be a friend, a cousin, a Sister, a neighbor; anyone you feel comfortable sharing with and who you know will keep you accountable. That is so important! 

7. Accountability partner; I have one or two friends who I email or text daily. It is so important to have that 1 person who is truly supporting you and wants to see you succeed. They will push you when you are not feeling motivated and they will remind you that you don't have to give up. It's such a great way to move forward on days when you just can't. Feeling accountable to that person will be motivation in itself, personally I don't want to disappoint my friends so I try to complete those tasks that I say I will do! Of course this should not be a stressful situation and that person should be positive and supportive anything is just not worth it. 

8. Set goals; write it down, I am a very visual person so I have to have things written down. I am a sort of a list maker. Start small,like I will walk 30 minutes this week, drink more water and cut out fries. Then check your goals monthly, are you reaching your weekly goals and which can you increase and how can you surpass your previous goals. You can make lists cross off items and make new lists with bigger and better goals. BUT, don't worry if you don't reach all your goals in a week or a month, fitness is a constant job. Be fit and staying healthy is an every day one step at a time kind of lifestyle. You should be ready on every level; mentally, physically and emotionally. 

9. Have fun! I always's not that serious. Whatever your "it" maybe, it really isn't. Working out should not be a chore and if you no longer enjoy it that you should take a break. Doing something you really like as part of your work out is important, it will keep you motivated and easier to make this a good happy time. You don't want to burn yourself out though, having a varied routine that YOU like is important. There should be a good balance that you agree upon and want to do! 

10. Make some time to relax and rest; it's so important. I often forget to rest and just relax and become so involved in doing that I end up stressing out about having to workout.  You should want to work out and if you feel like you need a break then take one. You know your body better than anyone. You don't want to cause yourself harm and you want to be in full balance of body, mind and spirit. Otherwise you will not be engaged long and it will result in frustrating ups and downs. So, make sure you schedule some down time into your schedule and follow through with it. 

As mentioned before, this process is an everyday job. You must work on it everyday. And, if you fall off track well simply start over! No biggie. No one has a set timeline for you and you will know when and how to start. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

::My 5 year Old Son:: Santi's Birthday Letter

On September 16th...5 years ago after about 24 hours of awesomely painful labor my life created a full circle. Our Son was born. This is his yearly birthday letter. {for more on Santi's Birth-story click ::HERE::}

My Beautiful Baby Santiago,

On this day, I love you, I cherish you and I am so thankful for you. I cannot believe that you are 5 years old, it was only yesterday that you were a tiny chubby baby cuddled into my arms in a hospital bed. Your tiny heart beating with mine, your tiny hands and feet so soft and precious. You were a baby.

Today, you are a handsome little, eye rolling, back talking 5 year old with so much attitude. Talk about a personality. None of this is meant out of ill feelings; you are only 5 and still learning your ways, and yes you are a little stubborn. A little spoiled. And, know very well what you want.

But you know what? We love that about you.

You don't allow anyone to push you around or tell you what to do but you are also respectful and kind when needed. If you do feel pushed around you are quick to let us know that we are being "mean" or your new word, being "bullies". 

You are smart and imaginative. Creative and a story teller. You love to dress up in anything "Mexican" like your GranPa Chuy's black sombrero and anything "Super-Pee-Row" related.

You know your Bible stories and can tell them to us in one breath and as if they all happened at once. You pray for us all every morning, especially for GranPa Chuy and his missing teeth. {sorry but they are still missing}. Your prayers are usually so thought-filled and genuine, always far more than I except. 

When you want to be, you are the absolute best older Brother, protecting and caring for your "Sis-der". She loves you so much. To her you are the best in the world, no matter what.

You are my warrior, my strength, my courage. You live life on the edge, as much as  a 5 year old can. You live life to the fullest. It's contagious. We admire that about you. You never have a bad day and even when you do, you manage to turn it around or simply fall asleep.

You are full of energy and light. Your heart is pure and growing healthy and strong. You have no real fears, except for cockroaches. Those you hate.

You are playing soccer {or "staulker" as you call it} this year and even though on most days you claim to be "scared" of it only because you want to rush home to your I-Pad {which is really mine} to watch YouTube videos! But, no matter what you end up giving it your all and loving it every time we go to practice. You are like this about most things...all or nothing. 

Some days you are all about the "feelings" and everything we say causes you to cry, other days you have the attitude of a teenager. As your parents we are learning with you. How to care for you, how to love you and how to be there for you. You are at times more patient than us. 

You love pizza like the Ninja Turtles. Right now you want to go see the Boxtrolls even though no other kid your age or adult knows what that is! You love watching cartoons and playing with ALL your toys at once. Yes, fun times, our house looks like a toy store blew up,

You have a great imagination and can create a whole war in a matter of minutes on the living room floor or play a businessman who has very important work to do and just cannot be bothered.

You have a pretty awesome life, and so many people love you. I hope that you never forget that. I pray that you can appreciate those people who are in your life and who have been there for us from day one. 

One of your favorite people in this world is your cousin, Olin. You love to dance and your "body just moves on it's own", especially when the telenovela theme songs come on. Your dance moves, well they are pretty awesome and I get it from yo'momma! 

You are amazing. You are beautiful and you are and will forever be our baby. Until you get too old and have to move out of the house..just sayin'... 

Happy Birthday!!!! 

We love you more than words.

Momma, Daddy, & Cami

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

::Quinceañera:: #txlatinoblog #hhm14

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Ever since I was a little girl I remember dreaming of my Quince. I was very blessed to have this traditional celebration that these days can be lost with new generations. It doesn't have to be an expensive or as extravagant of an event as it is now, something that simply honors the tradition works just fine. I personally love the traditional and cultural value that it holds. It's a tradition that I hope one day my daughter wants to celebrate. 

Ever since both my children were born I have attempted to instill in them our Mexican {American} culture and heritage as well as traditions and customs. Not just so that we know we are Mexican and that yes we are very different from most, but so that they can learn the meaning behind these traditions and why they are special to us. 

As a Quinceañera I remember wanting to be a respectful representation of my family and values. My dress was very modest and I opted for a very traditional celebration. My cousins were the chambelanes and I danced "el vals" tradicional. I also had the traditional "ultima muñeca" gift and dance, which signifies the going from childhood to young adulthood. My religious ceremony honored my faith, my family and my life to come. It was followed by a night of fun, friends, food and dancing! 

These days many girls opt for the more modern Sweet 16th, I believe either is a great way to continue the traditions and customs of our roots and growing heritage.  I want my daughter {and my son} to embrace the good of both of our cultures and be able to understand as well as appreciate them both. 

Being a Mexican {American} comes with many lessons to learn and different worlds that should be combined in order to grow as individuals and love where we come from. As my children grow I will continue to teach them about Mexican traditions, their roots and hope that they can be proud to be who they are! I also hope that they will want to continue in these traditions of not only our families but our language and Mexican rooted lives. 

Being Mexican and being able to have grown up with such great and memory making traditions have made me who I am today, and I love it! 

Funny enough; my children are now at that age where they are understanding and questioning their surroundings. We recently went to a family Quince and my daughter was taking it all in and LOVED it. Both my kids wanted a picture with the "Queen". This kind of celebration has also turned into a great opportunity to see family and friends we wouldn't otherwise see. Which allows us to slow down, embrace life and create new memories and traditions. 


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