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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

::Quinceañera:: #txlatinoblog #hhm14

{This blog post was created in collaboration with Texas Latino Bloggers ‪#‎txlatinoblog‬ for Hispanic Heritage Month you can also follow our Photo a day Challenge on Instagram‪#‎photoadayhhm14‬}

Ever since I was a little girl I remember dreaming of my Quince. I was very blessed to have this traditional celebration that these days can be lost with new generations. It doesn't have to be an expensive or as extravagant of an event as it is now, something that simply honors the tradition works just fine. I personally love the traditional and cultural value that it holds. It's a tradition that I hope one day my daughter wants to celebrate. 

Ever since both my children were born I have attempted to instill in them our Mexican {American} culture and heritage as well as traditions and customs. Not just so that we know we are Mexican and that yes we are very different from most, but so that they can learn the meaning behind these traditions and why they are special to us. 

As a Quinceañera I remember wanting to be a respectful representation of my family and values. My dress was very modest and I opted for a very traditional celebration. My cousins were the chambelanes and I danced "el vals" tradicional. I also had the traditional "ultima muñeca" gift and dance, which signifies the going from childhood to young adulthood. My religious ceremony honored my faith, my family and my life to come. It was followed by a night of fun, friends, food and dancing! 

These days many girls opt for the more modern Sweet 16th, I believe either is a great way to continue the traditions and customs of our roots and growing heritage.  I want my daughter {and my son} to embrace the good of both of our cultures and be able to understand as well as appreciate them both. 

Being a Mexican {American} comes with many lessons to learn and different worlds that should be combined in order to grow as individuals and love where we come from. As my children grow I will continue to teach them about Mexican traditions, their roots and hope that they can be proud to be who they are! I also hope that they will want to continue in these traditions of not only our families but our language and Mexican rooted lives. 

Being Mexican and being able to have grown up with such great and memory making traditions have made me who I am today, and I love it! 

Funny enough; my children are now at that age where they are understanding and questioning their surroundings. We recently went to a family Quince and my daughter was taking it all in and LOVED it. Both my kids wanted a picture with the "Queen". This kind of celebration has also turned into a great opportunity to see family and friends we wouldn't otherwise see. Which allows us to slow down, embrace life and create new memories and traditions. 


Monday, September 15, 2014

:: 4th Annual Total Beauty Expo:: GIVEAWAY!!!

Every once in a while you meet amazing women who support you and on are on a similar mission as yours. This happened last month when I attended the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference. Event organizer and so many of the attendees just opened their arms, hearts and lives to me and are really making an impact in my life. Since in that instance I was sponsored to attend, I now want to pay it forward and give some of my readers the opportunity to attend their next event.

        I have not 1 but 3 tickets to giveaway for their upcoming Total Beauty Expo in October

                                                       4th Annual Total Beauty Expo
                                             October 25th from 1-6pm (VIP 12-6pm)
                                                CWA Local 6222 Banquet Hall 

                                                                 Houston Texas

                               They have so many great features: 
                                                          A Pink Shoe Contest
                                                             Fashion Show
                                                         and so much more.... 


Fall TV Shows ::Momma Approved::

I don't know about you but I get really excited about new TV shows or returning seasons of my favorite ones. Then I remember that I have two toddlers who will never let me watch them. But, this Fall I have a few MUST see shows that I don't want to miss! 

I don't care what anyone says..a Momma can dream no? 

And, yes I know, maybe I will fall off the bandwagon but here we go! 

::Monday & Tuesday::

THE VOICE.  RETURNS SEPT 22-at 8/7 p.m. 

For obvious reasons. Pharell. Adam. Gwen. & Blake. Need I say more! I love this show. I love the stories. I love the music. I love it. All. 


Black-ish. SERIES PREMIERE WED SEPT 24 9:30/8:30 p.m.
I love Tracee Ross, she was hilarious in Girlfriends and I also love shows that could possibly reach levels of classics like "The Cosby Show" or "Good Times" but with a new age twist on them. 


How to get Away with Murder.  SERIES PREMIERE THU SEPT 25 10/9 p.m. 

I love the suspense that will come with this one. It reminds me of "House M.D." but with Lawyers. Just seems like it will keep you on the edge of your seat!   


CristelaSERIES PREMIERE FRI OCT 10 8:30/7:30 p.m.

DUH! Because I have hope for all shows that portray Mexican-American's in a humorous manner. If we can't laugh at ourselves, well then it's no fun!  

       {Photo Credit~All pictures and video clips are originals of ABC & NBC websites}

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

::Family Night:: #porsiemprenaranja

::Momma of Dos:: { This is not a compensated post. I received complimentary tickets for the special Houston Dynamo VIP event and a family 4-pack for a giveaway in collaboration with Lopez Negrete Communications  and Houston Dynamo. All opinions and statements expressed below are my own and true and honest. }

My son was finally accepted in the local toddler soccer league  this season. As a 4 almost 5 year old boy his focus is really not all there. Let's just say he doesn't exactly play soccer just yet. When I was invited to attend the Houston Dynamo special event and home game I thought; "What a better way to teach my son soccer then showing him soccer, other than on T.V.!" Como quien dice, en Vivo y a todo Color! My Hubby is also a huge, did I say huge? I meant ginormous soccer fan. Especially, yes his Mexico team. So, this would be an ideal family night for this Momma and her boys. {My Daughter went to a birthday party with her GranMa Chelo}

So last Saturday we headed out to downtown Houston to the BBVA Compass Stadium to enjoy an afternoon of soccer! We also had the opportunity to be on the field during the teams warm-up, and see some  of the newest Dynamo players. The Houston Dynamo faced the Montreal Impact it was great for our little man to have this experience especially this month, it's his Birthday month so I am glad we got to share this with him.

The night was also filled with great company from fellow bloggers; such as Alba of Independent Mami. The experience began with a walk into the Dynamo Media room. Where Coach Tim Hanley gave us a sneak peak of what was to come that night and answered some of the fan questions, something that is done regularly with Season ticket holders. We then walked out onto the field  for an up close look at the teams warm-up! 

After warm-up was done we headed back to our seats. The night was warm and we enjoyed drinks and hot-dogs like most other sporting event goers. But, without a doubt as soon as the first goal was scored my Son's excitement peaked! El Batallion had us dancing in our seats and singing some classics such as como te voy a olvidar from the Angeles Azules. Seeing my Son's face as he experienced "stocker" {as he calls it} first hand was awesome! No matter how much sweat came off my face I enjoyed it. 

The evening was fun and had so many great highlights including the Dynamo winning 3-1. The orange haze filled the night and the celebrations brought on fireworks, dancing and cheering!  It was a fun family friendly activity that I would not mind doing again.

We also had the opportunity to meet the Houston Dynamo players after the game but we had to leave early and didn't get to experience that part of the event. You though can find more information on their newest players and entire team online:

To purchase
         Houston Dynamo History:
             Houston Dynamo Social Media:
Twitter: @HoustonDynamo
Instagram: Houstondynamo

                Hashtags for Houston Dynamo:


Player Bios:


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

::Momma Fitness:: #sweattour2014

If you know me you that when I say I am going to do something, I usually do it. Saturday morning I was determined to go out and not only meet but exercise with one of my Instagram Fitness hero's the beautifully inspiring Estelle Archer who is out and about promoting her Sweat Tour 2014

Last year I set out on a weight loss and fitness goal that sadly I dropped around April of this year due to a fall and bad knee injury. I also experienced a pinched nerve in my right leg after only a couple of day of cross-fit. So, I have gained some weight back thankfully not all of my 17 Lbs that I lost over the course of the year.  Needless to say getting up this past Saturday was not fun. I struggled and almost didn't go. But, I pushed myself out of bed and out of the house and into Southwest Houston to the Lady of Essence fitness studio where I regained my motivation and inspiration to keep on and never give up. 

I am so glad I went that morning. 

Fitness, being healthy, staying fit, being strong and loosing weight is not easy. Ever. At least not for me. I make tons of great excuses. My kids. My job. My blog. My Husband. And I stop. Then you meet ladies like Estelle. And, your perspective changes. If you don't know her story I advise you to look her up and get to know her story, her struggle and her journey.

When you work out with her the passion, the happiness, the strength, her smile is all not only visible but contagious. Her patients with herself and her ever changing body is evident. She not only worked out with us and gave us a fabulous butt kicking but she also took the time to take pictures with us and then sat down and shared her tips, her life and her heart with a crowed filled with  women waiting to be motivated to reach that next level and to realize that they are not alone.

She did mention that she doesn't use any name brand substances to help her loose the weight and advises that if you do, you make sure you know what's in them. They are usually not "all natural" and will not be long lasting but instead temporary. All of which with I agree.   

I met a Momma who drove almost 2 hours with her two young daughters to share this fitness moment with them. She really inspired me to workout with my children and make them a part of this fitness world. It's contagious the lives that Estelle is reaching and changing one work out at a time and one city, state and heart at a time. 

Estelle not only traveled many miles to Houston to work out and inspire but she also teamed up with an amazing group of ladies here in Houston who provided the venue for our workout session. The ladies of Lady of Essence check out their website to see their great fitness programs and be locally inspired to be FIT and MOVE! In the Southwest area of Houston right off of the beltway and Bellaire sits this powerhouse fitness studio you do not want to miss!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Me Time ::Massage Envy:: #ad #client

::Momma of Dos:: { This is not a compensated post. I received a complimentary massage and a gift card for a giveaway in collaboration with TrizCom & Massage Envy . The opinions expressed are my own. }

::Current Massage Envy Event::
Massage Envy Spa Houston and the Arthritis Foundation have joined forces to host the fourth annual Healing Hands for Arthritis, a one-day national event to build awareness and raise funds to fight arthritis. On September 17, Massage Envy Spa will once again sponsor this one-day, in-clinic event across the nation to raise money and awareness about the devastating effects of arthritis on the body and how massage therapy can help relieve and control certain symptoms. Additionally, Murad®, their exclusive skin care partner, will donate 10 percent of all sales of products sold at Massage Envy Spa locations during the event. Wyndmere and BioFreeze will also donate 10 percent of all their retail sales on event day.

For more information visit: 
Follow Massage Envy Houston on Facebook - &
Twitter -

::My Experience at Massage Envy::

There is always that one thing that was missing from your life, that you didn't know you were missing, until you find it. Confusing enough? 

Friday, I was treated to the most amazing me time. A full body 45 minute massage. ::heavens opened up:: and I had my "where have you been all my life!" moment! 

I drove up to Massage Envy in Copperfield here in Houston with really not knowing what to except but from the moment I arrived, a smiley happy face greeted me. Made me feel very comfortable and at peace. After I completed a short assessment page of why I was there the attendant further explained the process and went over why I was there. I really wanted to feel relaxed as most toddler Momma's would agree, we deserve it. I wanted to feel serene it had been a stressful week; working 40 plus hours outside the home, Soccer practice with my son and trying to be very consistent with my blog creates some stress.

I wanted to be relaxed and feel some serenity. Easy enough. After my initial assessment, I was taken into this awesomely low lit peace filled room. The aromas, the sounds, the big comfy couches and oh yeah no screaming toddlers, I could of fallen asleep for 45 minutes and that would have made my day alone. But, then I was introduced to my therapist. She was very nice and then took me back to the massage area where she once more went over the plan and areas that needed work. 

The next 45 minutes are a blur. Kidding. She was amazing. I immediately felt relaxed even though she had to tell me a couple of times to relax. I am not used to the quiet and peacefulness that I was experiencing but let me tell you if you have no ever had a massage I recommend you getting one. Now. Today. It will change you and what you think being relaxed is.  

After my session, my therapist advised me on drinking plenty of water that day {and everyday}  and was to regain the relaxation during the day. The best thing is to take plenty of breaks, stepping away from your desk and taking 3 truly deep breaths to help bring back oxygen into your body! Just sit in that moment and clear your mind. The concept seems simple enough but how often do we really do it. 

My therapist also gave a recommendation of frequency to continue having these sessions. I don't know if my Hubby will agree but I totally do! ::insert BIG HUGE smile here:: 

What about you? When will you make some me time and try Massage Envy??

If you want to enter for a chance to win a FREE 1-HOUR massage from Massage Envy please enter below!!! You will not regret it!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

::Turkey Tacos:: #miercolesdefoodie

One of my favorite dinners is taco night. For obvious reasons. It's perfect for busy nights, it's an easy, DIY, dinner. I simply create a filling and layout all the toppings. The combinations are endless. Our family loves this dinner and we make them often. 

Last night I made a spicy turkey taco filling. It was fast and easy to prepare. 

::I used the following::

  • Ground Turkey about 1lbs. 
  • Canned corn
  • 1 Medium tomatoe
  • 1/4 of a white Onion
  • 1 large Jalapeño 
::I did the following::

  1. I diced {or chopped into big chunks}all my veggies and drained the canned corn. 
  2. I seasoned my met with garlic salt and black pepper and a little of Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper. {season to taste}
  3. I then added some Olive Oil to my frying pan and waiting for it to heat on medium. 
  4. I added my defrosted Turkey Meat, when it was half cooked I added all my veggies and corn.  I added a bit more seasoning while it was browning. I let it cook on high for about 10 minutes and then cook on medium for about 15 minutes. 

Once my turkey meat is fully cooked and browned and my veggies are tender, it's done!

::Usually our toppings are::
  • Sour Cream
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Salsa {homemade or canned}
  • Lettuce
And, really anything that you want! 

::Last night my toppings were::
  • Avocado
  • Sour Cream 
  • & Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Taco Night success! 

I also used the leftover meat for my lunch today...nachos which you can find on my Instagram

What about you? What is your favorite dinner night for your family?!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day ::Weekend Snapshots::

My good friend Ari from 3Twentysix does a weekend snapshots on her blog every week. I kind of stole her idea this week; except my snapshots are not at fancy at hers...but I tried.

Here goes.

Most our weekends look pretty much the same if you follow us on Instagram you would know. We try to have fun, we eat well...very well and love our little crazy life. We try to make up for lost time during our busy week that is filled with work, school and more work. My kids LOVE being home but also never mind being out and about.

I personally love being home. It's rare but when we are home, we relax and have fun. My kids are free to play and explore and be themselves. I love it and so do they. We do though get out some days because too many days in a house with two toddlers and two parents makes for some clashing and fit throwing... mostly by the overwhelmed Momma. But, we try to keep it happy and sane for the most part!

This many others...

We did a little of this:

A little of this:

AND, of course a lot of this!!

What about you? What did you do labor day weekend? We will look forward to hearing about your weekend and seeing your fun weekend pictures!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hola Septiembre! #mommaofdos

People say I am a dreamer... oh yeah and a little crazy and ambitious too.

I am.

And, like August, September has so much meaning. In 2004 it was a difficult eye opening month for our family. It was never ending and hopeless we almost lost my father to addiction a situation my family doesn't take lightly. Our story was written, our lives were changed....then 5 years later a complete 360. Hope, faith, life, rebirth. My son was born {Sept. 16th}, he was the light, the tie, the sign of good that we all needed. And, my father, like everyone else...fighting to live life once again, taking charge of his life and regaining his family.

Not only is September my Son's birth month, it's also the month that was honored with my Momma's birth {Sept.26th}. That same woman that experienced life in the most painful way and today is the only reason why I never, ever, EVER give-up. Her and my son are part of my motivation. My inspiration. My reason. My faith. My life.

It's also Hispanic Heritage month, AJUAH!!!!  {September 15th-October 15}

And, {September 16th} Mexico's Independence Day!!! AJUAH!!!!

Every month since May I have told myself, I am going to take a break but I only take on more projects and more collaborations. And, I am tired but you know what I wouldn't have it any other way! I don't know where this road is leading me to but I am running it and I can't give up now.... or ever...

My Momma always says.... "Si vas a hacer algo, hazlo bien!" Which is probably why I never give-up on my dream for this little here blog, which is why I believe in being consistent and finding time for my priorities!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

::Cantinflas, La Pelicula:: #Cantinflas

::Momma of Dos:: { This is not a compensated post. I received a free ticket to the press screening of Cantinflas and an invitation to interview Oscar Jaenada in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions expressed are my own. }

Cuando era niña me acuerdo que lo que nos mantenía apegados a mi Abuelita era su amor por el cine Mexicano. Ella se sabe todas las películas del cine Mexicano y Americano de los años 30 y 40. Su conocimiento del cine Mexicano es algo que siempre ha compartido con nosotros. Por eso cuando me invitaron a ver la primicia de la película de Cantinflas, no espere y me apunte!

Al igual que muchas familias mexicanas,  Cantinflas era y es un nombre reconocido y muy querido en nuestra casa. Su historia como comediante y actor en México al igual que sus películas son inigualables. La pelicula  nos da más detalles sobre la vida privada de la estrella querida de México. Tambien nos muestra cómo fue el  inicio de Mario Moreno al cine México y el talento que se encontraba en el estilo de entretenimiento de "las carpas" en los años 30 en la ciudad de México.
No cabe duda que el personaje de Cantinflas fue unico y alguien especial para Mario Moreno quien nacio muy humilde y crecio el Tepito.

Su trayectoria fue admirable, claro que en su vida personal tuvo tropiezos pero a pesar de todo era humano. Su sencillez y manera tan inconfundible de hacer reír y entretener con sus "Cantinfladas" es lo que más se recuerda ahora. El actor Oscar Jaenada ha capturado la esencia del fallecido actor y su personaje tan querido en la película nueva, Cantinflas the Movie. Su parecido físico a Mario Moreno es algo que hace que Cantinflas vuelva a la vida.

Lo que me encanto también fue que la película tiene muchos actores populares y grandes del cine Mexicano como Rafa Amaya, Barbara Mori, Otto Sirgo, Joaquín Cosio y muchos más. Al igual que otros comediantes de México como Adal Ramones. Es un orgullo como mexicana que estos personajes sean introducidos al cine Americano. Porque al igual que en la vida real de Cantinflas; yo pienso que Hollywood subestima a los actores increíblemente talentosos que se desarrollan en la Cinematografía de México.

El actor Oscar Jaenda interpreto de maravilla a Mario Moreno. Y yo creo que con esta película se ha brindado un lindo homenaje al el gran actor, improvisaste y comediante que era Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”. La película muestra el lado humano del actor quien se sucumbió a las tentaciones del mundo de los artistas y quien sufrió en sus relaciones personales y matrimonió. Fue antes que nada humanosiempre puede haber tenido éxitos también hubo fracasos en su vida.

La película demuestra que hubo una falta de credibilidad y apoyo en Hollywood, quizás todavía la hay para artistas Mexicanos. Su poca fe en él como un actor "Mexicano" y querer menospreciarlo y darle papeles insignificantes cuando él muy bien podría tomar el papel principal en cualquier película. Y fue así en la película de Around the World in 80 Days, por la cual Cantinflas gano un Golden Globe.

Aparte de poder ver la película tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a el Actor Oscar Jaenada aquí en Houston en la sala de conferencias del hermoso Hotel Granduca. Aqui estan algunas de las preguntas que le hice sobre la película y los obstáculos que tuvo para completar este proyecto de ser Cantinflas:

Yo: Cual fue el reto más grande que tuviste al aprender a ser "Cantinflas"?

Oscar Jaenada: Bueno lo más difícil para mí no fue mucho Cantinflas si no Mario Moreno. Ser Cantinflas fue ver películas, contrate a una instructora de baile, aprendí a imitar/colocar su voz.... era trabajo, disciplina....para mí el reto fue encontrar a Mario Moreno, porque sobre Mario Moreno "la persona" había muy poco. Fue buscar entrevistas y documentos y hablar con personas quien podían darme información sobre el... eso fue mi reto.

Lily: Que te dejo Mario Moreno y Cantinflas en lo personal?

Oscar Jaenada: En varias entrevistas que encontré de Mario Moreno le preguntaban quién es Cantinflas?... y él decía….."México". Yo creo que eso es lo que me dejo esta experiencia yo me llevo a México! Yo vaya me siento Mexicano por haber podido interpretar a Cantinflas.

Yo: Con quien te identificas más con Mario Moreno o con Cantinflas?

Oscar Jaenada: Solo una vez e tendió que interpretar a un actor antes de ahora, y es una cosa maravillosa porque estás hablando de tu misa profesión, de tu mismo estilo de vida, de tu misma dirección! En el caso de Mario Moreno me pasa lo mismo, conocer al artista, tenía mucha atracción aprender sobre el actor y sobre su personaje que mantuvo durante tanto tiempo… y fue impresionante su calidad que tenía como actor!

Lily: En algún momento tuviste miedo de no poder personificar a Cantinflas a nivel de quién era el?

Osacar Jaenada: La seguridad absoluta no la tienes pero la confianza en sí mismo sí. Tenía experiencia y confianza pero fue un poco más difícil porque fueron dos personajes fue un reto, nunca dude que lo podía hacer y que iba a poner todo de mi parte, y cuando uno pone todo de su parte raramente te puede salir mal.

Friday, August 29, 2014

::San Antonio:: Festival People en Espanol #FestivalPeople

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. I was invited to a People en Espanol Luncheon and will receive a gift. All statements expressed below are my own personal opinion.}

::Logo:: Property of People en Espanol

What will you be doing this Labor Day weekend?

If you are in San Antonio or plan on making your way there; you should really consider attending the Festival People en Espanol! There will be great line-up of Latin artists, family activities and inspiration!! And, guess what it's FREE!!!!

With also a great concert Saturday night by Becky G. & Zendaya for tickets go to Ticketmaster:

Festival People en Espanol

Saturday August 30th
Sunday August 31st

 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Miercoles de Foodie! #elpolloloco

::Momma Disclosure:: { This is not a compensated post. I received an invitation for a blogger tasting event and for the grand opening. All opinions and statements are my own personal opinion.}

Last week El Pollo Loco had a special tasting event for bloggers, I wasn't able to make it but I will NOT miss their Grand Opening in Sugarland this October [4528 Hwy 6 South (coming Soon) , Sugar Land, TX 77478]! I am so excited and ready to taste all of the awesome dishes:

My fellow Momma friend and Houston Latina Blogger, Karen of We are the Carrasco's did go....

I cannot wait to try their tasty homemade Mexican food! Mole, salsas, quesadillas...OH MY! Their menu just looks so amazing, I can't wait to taste the crazy and uhm #houstonwehaveapollo

Everything just looks so fresh and tasty!! Their guacamole, roasted corn as a side and those enchiladas. These will be on my to taste list for sure when the new location opens in Sugarland this October!

El Pollo Loco and beyond! 
And, don't' worry you don't live near Sugarland El Pollo Loco plans on opening the following locations to serve more of the Houston area! Yum!!

• Copperfield – Highway 6 & West Rd.
• Katy – S. Mason Rd. & Provincial Blvd.
• Humble – FM 1960 & Whitaker Rd.
• Spring – Kuykendahl & Springbrook Garden Lane

Not only will you be able to enjoy the deliciousness in their great new dine-in area but you can also order in their drive-thru to go, for quick and convenient dinners and you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

El Pollo Loco is also hiring!! 

"El Pollo Loco is actively recruiting for new management and crew level positions to support the Houston-area restaurant locations. The company will be hiring hundreds of full- and part-time crew members over the next several months and each restaurant will employ approximately 40 people. El Pollo Loco offers a range of benefits to eligible crew members. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at"

::About El Pollo Loco::
El Pollo Loco (Nasdaq: LOCO) is the nation’s leading fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain renowned for its masterfully citrus-marinated and fire-grilled chicken and handcrafted entrees using fresh ingredients inspired by authentic Mexican recipes. With more than 400 company-owned and franchised restaurants in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas and Utah, El Pollo Loco will expand its presence in key markets targeting growth of eight to 10 percent per year through a combination of company and existing and new franchisee development. Some say the lengths we go to create fresh, delicious food are crazy.

We say it’s Crazy You Can Taste. 

Visit us on our website at 

Like them on FACEBOOK:
Follow them on Twitter: @ElPolloLoco

HOPE YOU JOIN US!!! I will be there!!! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Case of the Mondays ::Back to School Edition::

Today was the first day of school for many! 

While my children are not in public school, which for this Momma is santiy on this very unexpectly emotional Monday morning, they still had exciting changes today. My little man started Pre-School in daycare, he is officially in the "big kids class". My little Mama started in the 3/4 year olds class she was in the 2/3 year old class until now. 

I didn't think I would be emotional but here is the thing, for the last year and half Camila and Santiago have been in the same group of toddlers and their days were pretty much on the same schedule. With Santi moving to the Pre-K class he will no longer have lunch or recess with my baby! They will both have to depend on their own strengths and courage to go through the day without one another. Santi is a very big brother who loves and protects his Sister when he isn't trying to get her out of his face. 

I think this will serve as an experience of growth and appreciation for one another. I hope. My Hubby and I have given them both very firm and supportive talks about starting this new stage of their lives and I hope that they will not only make brave decisions but also stand up for themselves and be strong in their beliefs. A bit much for a 3 and almost 5 year old? Maybe but my Hubby and I are both the eldest in our families and we have learned from struggles and mishaps and know the direction in which we wish to shape our children's independence as well as their courage and bravery. 

This world, no matter what age can be cruel and while we are teaching them to see the good in everyone and everything we also don't want them to grow up close-minded or naive to the harms of the outside world. I know that may sound a bit intense but until now our children have developed very unique personalities and they are never afraid to be themselves. I want that to continue. 

Everyday a new lesson. Everyday growth.

Happy New School Year!!

What do you want your children to learn this school year?

Friday, August 22, 2014

:: Movie Fix:: #MommaApproved

Did you grow up in the 90's? I kinda did, okay, I totally did! This past weekend I had a total flashback to about 8th grade when this came out:

We took our kids to watch the new movie this past weekend, really more so my son because my daughter is not a good movie-goer; she uses the bathroom about 4 times and talks the entire time. In the end I think my Husband and I enjoyed it more than they did! It was funny and such a great way to introduce a “classic” to a new generation! Cowabunga baby!!! 

We will definitely be buying the DVD, favorite scene anything Mikey was involved in he is HILARIOUS! Especially the elevator scene.... M.C. Mikey! Very family friendly. 

Have you seen it? What did you think? 

::When the Game Stands Tall:: This movie comes out today!!! I was invited to see it but wasn't able to make it! Hope to catch it soon, looks really good and so inspiring! I would think great beginning of the school year story for any football family out there.  "Inspired by a true story, When the Game Stands Tall tell the journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), who took a high school football team from obscurity to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport."

::Cantinflas::  Comes out next Friday August 29th. I was invited to a pre-screening last week for this movie in association with Latina Bloggers Connect.

As a child I grew up watching Cantinflas, so I was very excited to watch this movie.  I thought it was great! Oscar Jaenada does a wonderful job of portraying such an amazingly talented and beloved Mexican actor/comedian. I think the movie captured the essence of who Mario Moreno was. I definitely LOVE the exposure this movie will give all of the upcoming Mexican actors. {FULL MOVIE REVIEW AND INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR OSCAR JAENADA NEXT FRIDAY!}

::Movies that we are looking forward ::



My son caught the commercial of this during another movie and he has been obsessed ever since! We can’t wait. Best part is it comes out during his Birthday month so he is so looking forward to turning 5! September 26th is it's release date. 


::The Book of Life::

This movie caught my eye on Facebook... I think it will be a great movie to help further explain "El Dia de Los Muertos" to my children. We visit the Dia de Los Muertos Altars every year here in Houston so this will be perfect for our yearly lesson! 

This movie is going to be filled with amazing star voices such as; Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna and Christina Applegate. It is scheduled to be released on October 17, 2014.


::The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1::
Set to release November 21st, who isn't ready for another Katniss butt kicking adventure!? I know I am!

What about you, what are you watching in the theaters this weekend!!??

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